We are a group of  Javaholics and Big Data enthusiast, having 7+ years of  work experience in Software Industry.

We have worked in different domain ranging from system level coding, web services, app development, security frameworks to designing massive  recommendation systems churning Peta Bytes of data using Big Data cutting edge technologies.

Years of developing and designing systems end to end,  provides us a unique opportunity to understand what is that “missing knowledge” which could empower  developers to understand the internal mechanisms, write better code,  have in depth understanding of Java internals and help them understand Distributed Systems very easily.

We intent to provide short and crisp examples to enable our users with in-depth understanding of the topic in a glimpse. We are committed to provide small code snippets on a daily basis  to keep tech enthusiast abreast with latest technology.  We aim to provide a different perspective which can help a naive  programmer to become a professional Java programmer and a Big Data Expert.

Our motto for life is “Sharing is Caring and is sexy too“. All Life needs is a lot of backpacking , some good house music and loads of   interesting problems to code.